WHAT a preorder is?

The PRE-ORDER is an order that allows you to sort the items announced in advance by production houses, but not yet available in the market. Preorder lets you book in advance and with a special price, for a limited time, one or more items before they leave. The items must be purchased in pre-order with full payment in advance, like other products, or with the payment of a deposit at the time of the order and the balance when the product is available. All products purchased in pre-order will be shipped as soon as available.

HOW does a preorder works?

The objects in preorder are in the page UPCOMING ARRIVES and are affordable as the other products, but in the product description appears the date of arrival and are specified further information on the timing of delivery and payment method.
Periods useful for pre-order an item at a cheapest price, can be limited in time, which is specified under each product.

HOW TO BUY a preorder item?

To purchase one or more items in preorder, just add the items to your cart, just like any other item, and complete the order by choosing the shipping method and payment favorites.
When you will make the payment, you will be notified and the order will remain pending until the date of arrival of the items.
Once the pre-ordered product will be available, you will receive further notification of the dispatch.

PS: for some items is required to prepay a deposit (a part of the total price of the item), and the balance, including shipping costs, will be required when the item will be available. Once payment is made, the product will be shipped.
The deposit for a pre-order, will not be returned if the customer does not want to complete the order.

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